You have probably heard about keyword-level call tracking for some time now, but haven’t really recognised its significance. If you’re a marketer, however, it’s one of the most crucial things you need to study and understand. With more and more consumers conducting searches through mobile devices, the number of phone calls resulting from PPC ads and search results is also expected to grow. Without some kind of technology to allow you to track voice-based data, the ROI of your marketing campaigns may be lopsided, as they’re not taking into account search generated phone leads.

What Is Keyword-Level Call Tracking?

In its simplest definition, keyword-level call tracking is a marketing solution that allows you to determine which keywords and sources resulted to phone calls from your website. While Google recognises the importance of call tracking, the tools they provide do not allow you to do this. This is where the importance of keyword-level call tracking comes in.

The process starts with your provider designating a pool of call tracking numbers exclusively for your business. Every time a potential customer visits your website, a unique number will be assigned to follow that visitor as he navigates through your website. If the visit results in a phone call, the system will match collected phone call data with the rest of the visit details and provide you with an extensive report.

How Do You Implement Keyword-Level Call Tracking?

The implementation of keyword-level call tracking is pretty straightforward – a JavaScript tracking code snippet is added to certain pages of your website. Once the codes have been installed, your call tracking software will start performing keyword-level call tracking and your software provider will do the rest, providing you with an intensive report that includes data to help you measure current marketing efforts as well as insights to guide you on future campaigns.

How Many Call Tracking Numbers Will I Need?

In terms of how many call tracking numbers you’ll need in your pool, it will depend on the average number of concurrent visitors your website receives. Even if you have thousands of keywords you use for your campaigns, you will only need one phone number for each visitor.

Perhaps the best way to get an idea on how many call tracking numbers you need is by reviewing data from Google Analytics. Log on to your Google Analytics account and record the hourly traffic your website has received for the past two to three weeks. The peak hours should give you the average number of visitors your site is receiving. You can also use this simple formula to estimate the peak concurrent users on your website:

Concurrent users = (hourly visits x time spent in seconds) / 3600 sec

Given the formula above, if you have 500 visits per hour and each visitor spends 2 minutes (120 seconds) on your website, you’d have 16 concurrent users. This is just a simple formula to help you get an estimate, but it should be enough to give you an idea on how many call tracking numbers you should include in your pool.

Keyword-level call tracking has never been crucial. By implementing this call tracking technology to your marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to track sales calls back to PPC ads, web pages and, most importantly, specific keywords. You can then properly credit leads to the right sources.

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