These days, it seems most business owners are spending a huge percentage of their marketing budget on online advertising.

This is understandably the norm nowadays, especially because of the massive popularity of social media and mobile devices. On top of that, investing on search engine marketing has become really necessary. The mindset of most businesses seems to be this – if online searchers can’t find you on Google, you’re losing precious opportunities to make a sale.

Offline Ads Are Still Relevant

While online marketing is indeed an important tool in this modern age, there’s no denying that offline ads still have their place and may add value to your business when properly utilised.

Besides, not every company is aiming to target a global market. Some prefer to establish customer loyalty through personal rather than online interactions.

It should likewise be kept in mind that some people are still hesitant about the idea of shopping via the Internet. Also, not all products and services have to be purchased online anyway.

A fine example for this would be a restaurant business that focuses on serving local clients. While the Internet can be useful in spreading the word about the business, addressing enquiries from customers, or sharing updates about new menus, it’s impossible for the business to sell their products online. Entertaining guests on the restaurant is the most important part of the process before a sale is made.

In short, implementing offline marketing campaigns (although probably considered ’too old-school‘ by some) perfectly makes sense for some businesses. It adds variety to your strategy, and those campaigns could be the stepping stones towards your company goals.

Different Offline Advertising Tactics

Print advertising is one of the most common ways to reach your audience. Ads placed on newspapers and magazines have a way of attracting new customers. This can be a great marketing medium to explore but take the time to do some research before spending your money. You want to make sure which publications are being read and purchased by your target demographic. If you can get free publicity via press releases or reviews, then you might want to grab the opportunity as well.

Meanwhile, radio and TV spots can provide your business with repeated exposure to numerous listeners and viewers. Costs for commercials usually vary depending on the station’s ratings and the time of day your ad is aired. You can offset the price by offering stations gift certificates that they can give as prizes for contests.

Other offline marketing techniques may include billboard ads, flyer and business card distributions, event sponsorships and more.

Keeping Track of the Results

Ultimately, the most crucial part here is to determine which offline advertising tools bring more people to your business. Your goal is not merely to gain wider brand exposure but to increase your sales and interaction with customers. You can reduce your marketing expenses if you can pinpoint which methods are effective for your company.

This is where Call Dynamics comes in. Our solutions can help you track pertinent data about every call you receive. Details about the callers’ geographic locations will be provided, making analysing patterns very easy. You’ll be able to tell which ads are driving customers to your business. Additionally, you can monitor the performance of your team in terms of handling customer calls.

Check out our ’How It Works‘ page to learn more, and do not hesitate to sign up for our free trial now. We’ll show you how our call tracking products can benefit your company.