Privacy Policy

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Call Dynamics operates in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 including the National Privacy Principles. We respect the privacy of personal information and treat it in accordance with this statement.

1. Whose privacy statement is this?

This is the privacy statement of Call Dynamics Pty Ltd ACN 49 160 887 936 trading as Call Dynamics and Easy Inbound.
We can be contacted by telephone on 1300 006 001 or as indicated at and

2. What kinds of information do we hold?

We may collect personal information such as:

(a) personal details e.g. name, age, address, phone number, other contact information;
(b) deals, products and services you have expressed interest in and/or acquired;
(c) billing, credit, payment and accounting information e.g. account usage records, billing information, payment method, credit card or bank account numbers, billing and payment history;
(d) historical information e.g. how you came to be our customer;
(e) technical information e.g. user name, password, IP address, calling number, internet service provider;
(f) support information e.g. history of transactions;
(g) marketing-related information, such as what products and promotions we have marketed to you, whether you have received, read or responded to promotional emails, whether you have visited links in promotional emails and whether you have participated in our promotions;
(h) if we receive a request not to send commercial electronic messages to a certain email address, we may retain details of the address and the request indefinitely in order to comply with the request;
(i) complaint information e.g. history of issues and complaints.

3. How do we collect and hold personal information?

Normally, we collect personal information:

(a) directly from you;
(b) from our computer equipment (e.g. usage details);
(c) in some cases, from a credit reporting agency;
(d) from marketing bureaux who carry out promotions for us;
(e) if you became our customer as a result of a business acquisition, from the vendor.

4. We hold personal information:

(a) in paper files;
(b) in computer databases and systems that we control and supervise.

5. Can you access your personal information?

You can ask for access to personal information we hold about you. We may charge a reasonable fee for giving access. We may refuse access consistently with the National Privacy Principles.

6. Why do we collect personal information?

We collect your personal information to use it for one or more of the purposes for which we collected it – they will normally be obvious from the circumstances. Our purposes include:

(a) providing goods or services to you;
(b) analysing your preferences to let us service you better;
(c) marketing our business to you;
(d) arranging for third parties to provide goods or services to you;
(e) managing our financial and commercial relationship with you;
(f) providing you with information about us and our services (or our affiliates or their services) that may be of interest;
(g) managing our business and our technical facilities and planning future development;
(h) complying with legal requirements;
(i) dealing with problems and complaints;
(j) disclosure to prospective investors in or purchasers of us or our business.

7. Who do we disclose personal information to?

We may disclose personal information:

(a) to our deal suppliers and other entities involved in service delivery to you;
(b) to our professional advisers, technical and marketing consultants;
(c) to marketing bureaux who carry out promotions for us;
(d) to our affiliates;
(e) to prospective investors in or purchasers of us or our business;
(f) to our agents and resellers;
(g) to a debt recovery or credit reporting agency in case of non-payment;
(h) to law enforcement agencies in response to a lawful request;
(i) to anyone to whom you complain about us or our services;
(j) as required by law.

8. What if you do not provide the information we request ?

(a) If you do not provide the personal information we request, it may prejudice our ability and / or willingness to provide or maintain services to you. In some cases, it may be a breach of your contract with us.

9. What are our policies on management of personal information ?

We manage, and require our staff to manage, personal information in accordance with this statement and the National Privacy Principles.

10. How do we keep information secure ?

We keep personal information secure by several means, including:

(a) storing it in controlled access places;
(b) using good security practices and technology on our network and computers, including password security;
(c) imposing confidentiality obligations on staff.