What happens when you mix online entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan and a bricks-and-mortar store?

This. And its very well done. And even a bit humble.

Kogan.com founder, Ruslan Kogan released a blog post this week where he talks about his learnings around online and offline retail, and how he has always been a great supporter of online retail during the 10 or so years of Kogan.com. He also discusses some statements he made about different business models in the retail industry, saying that “With some of those comments I was right, with others I was wrong“.

Kogan admits to saying “Kogan.com will always remain online only“, and goes on to say that “I should not have used a blanket statement“.   “Lesson learned: never say never” says Kogan.

Kogan recently opened their first pop up store in Chapel Street Prahran in Victoria, and because its just around the corner from Call Dynamics Melbourne office, you can bet we’ll be down there (probably buying things we’ll have to wrestle home on the train later) to check it out!

It will be interesting to see what online learnings Kogan can implement in their offline store.


By Tim Syratt at Call Dynamics