The business world has experienced notable change in the recent years. The magical fingers of time have favored the business world with advanced technology. Consequently, if you are to survive the aggressive competition in the business world, then you need to know how to utilise advanced technologies for success.

Tracking calls to your business is one of the gems of advanced technologies available to you, and today Australian businesses are just starting to learn about call tracking and how important it has become. Various industries globally have greatly benefited from the concept and practice of call tracking. Phone Call Tracking can help in streamlining sales processes and assist with phone conversions, whilst uncovering the marketing activities and efforts that are paying off, and which are not. Practically, the combination of web analytics with call tracking reports often becomes focal tool in boosting marketing effectiveness and overall sales conversions.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the concept of measuring marketing & website conversion process effectiveness via phone calls. Call tracking is an effective tool in tracking marketing campaigns whether online or offline. Data that shows a caller’s location, how the call was handled, and how many calls were made, can be collected and fed back in to your marketing reports to allow you to better optimise your marketing efforts.

Why compare calls to web visitors?

Web analytics can measure and analyse leads, traffic, sales from both online traffic sources, among other data. By linking your website visitors to your telephone calls, you’ll know which marketing activities, keyword groups and websites etc are turning your website visitors in to callers.

With the ever increasing competition and advertising costs in your industry, can you afford not to know how well your marketing is working across all of your customer contact channels?

How Can a Business Exploit Call Tracking and Integrated Web Analytics?         

A business can exploit and utilise call tracking and integrated web analytics and get accurate data through several avenues. Some of these avenues include:


There are two ways of using Google to track calls; Google Organic search and Google Paid Search.  Unless you are ranking well in Google Organic search by luck rather than effort, you will most likely be paying a 3rd party company or an internal staff member to maintain your site’s Organic search result ranking, and similarly, if you are buying Paid Search keywords (advertising) you’ll want to know how effective these expenses are at improving your bottom line.

PPC Systems

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the latest fashion in the business world. Many companies are using PPC management systems to structure their bids and other advertising activities. Through PPC System, client companies are able to see the conversation rate of specified PPC ads.

PPC systems also enable client companies to know which magical keywords in their ads are sending people to call and purchase from them. This helps the companies to take note and capitalise on the keywords that are working to their advantage.

CRM Programs

By integrating call tracking data with CRM systems such as Salesforce, Insightly, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM and more, you will better understand your customers journey from initial enquiry to final conversion.  Aggregating such data also helps your business understand the true bottom line impact of marketing activities, allowing you to save money on activities that don’t work, and generate additional revenue by ‘tuning’ the activities that do show success.


What can Call Dynamics Call Tracking do for your business this financial year?

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