Tim Syratt, General Manager of call tracking company Call Dynamics says:

 “It’s exciting to see that today, Google have recognised the importance of call tracking to advertisers.  That’s something existing Call Dynamics customers already know: phone calls from all marketing sources are critical to the conversion process.”

The truth is, tracking calls from Adwords is only one small piece of the puzzle.  

To properly track your calls across all of your marketing and not just Adwords, a fully featured call tracking solution such as Call Dynamics is essential.

A fully featured solution provides many advantages such as;

> Track calls from offline sources such as print, Television and Radio
> Track calls from online sources such as social media, referral websites, search engines, mail and eDM activities
> Record your calls to monitor types of enquiries, and to use as a coaching aid to improve phone conversion rates

More data from more sources to better support your marketing optimisation.

Using a call tracking solution like Call Dynamics provides more data across more marketing sources and activities such as;

> Information about your caller, including the caller ID, are they a returning caller, if they called from a landline what state and exchange area they called from

> Call Recording, used as a tool to ensure your marketing is reaching the right callers and to help your staff maximise phone conversions

 Call quality scoringbased on the call recording, which calls were ‘great’ calls and which needed work

 Caller Wrap-Up Survey, a powerful weapon to survey the caller on aspects of dealing with your business

 Call taker Wrap-Up Survey, a powerful weapon to enable staff to input critical data about the call, such as was it a sale?, how much did the caller spend?, what was the product code?

 Split-Testing of pages via Visual Website Optimiser integration enables you to see which version of your page generated that phone call

Own your phone.

Have your own Smart-Number?   Using an Australian owned and operated call tracking provider, you’ll be able to port-in your Smart Number for inclusion with your call tracking reports.  You’ll also be able to port-in or port-out just about any call tracking number you’ve used with that provider, which means you maintain greater control over your business’ phone numbers.

Call Dynamics’ customers have the opportunity to select from local geographic numbers across major cities in Australia, 1300, 1800, 13 numbers and even mobile phone numbers for tracking.  You are in control.

Integration opportunities.

With complete access to all of your raw call tracking data, you’ve got the opportunity to integrate with custom internal tools as well as your CRM and reporting systems.

See how Call Tracking can transform your business today.
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