In our previous Frequently Asked Questions post, we addressed some of the concerns and queries you might have initially had of Call Tracking. But what might still be unclear to you is how exactly it might still be relevant in the age of online marketing. But don’t fret! This post will address some of the common questions about that.

With the advent of digital marketing, is call tracking really all that important?

The reality is that customers maintain an overwhelming preference for simply calling a company over visiting a website. Being anything but obsolete, call tracking gives you a unified platform to follow a phone conversion from beginning to end, while also allowing you to track phone leads that have in fact come from an online source.

How do keywords and online lead generation work?

The money that you spend on paid online ads is only worth as much as the volume and quality of leads that they generate. Your competitors might be honing in on the right keywords to drive the right amount of traffic, while you might still be wasting your money on keywords that aren’t working. With Call Dynamics’ Call Tracking and Web Analytics tools, you can pinpoint which keywords and ads are doing the most work, and discard the ones that are underperforming.

What’s the entire process of tracking a lead from beginning to end?

With Call Tracking, you will have data on the number of calls, the length of calls, the conversions, the way calls have been handled. Most importantly, it will tell you whether you are receiving a good return on investment.

Will call tracking only help me if I operate an online business?

Call Tracking will provide equal benefits regardless of whether your business is primary online or offline-based. In fact, it gives you a platform to capitalise upon and combine the strengths of both approaches, and will tell you exactly what are doing well, and what may be in need of improvement.

How can call tracking combine my offline and online advertisements?

Call Dynamics’ ad tracking solutions makes use of its bank of 1300 and 1800 numbers, which can allow you to track the origin of a call. All relevant data – including the volume of traffic from a respective lead, whether the call was answered, the duration, and for online marketing the paid-search keyword that generated the call will be at your fingertips. No matter where the lead originated, you will have the knowledge to expand or reduce your marketing campaign.

By Darren Uch at Call Dynamics