You’ve probably heard about Call Tracking. If you’re reading this, then clearly you’re interested in learning more about it. But if you’re afraid that it might go beyond your understanding, then have no fear – it really isn’t very complicated! Call Tracking is simple to grasp, and you can be fully confident in knowing how and why it works so well.
Read some of your frequently asked questions answered here:
What is Call Tracking and how does it work?

Call Tracking allows you to track the source of a call, what prompted the call, and the outcome of the call. All of these details – like the lead’s number, or whether the call had been answered or missed, will be at your fingertips.

What data will Call Tracking acquire?

Call Tracking supplies you with a myriad of data and metrics to improve on your return on investment. It tells you how many inquiries have come through a particular source (an organic search, a paid online ad, or a newspaper ad). It can also tell you the the number of sales from a source, the cost per inquiry of each source, the cost per sale from each source, as well as the revenue generated from each source.

How do dedicated numbers work?

With Call Dynamics, you are given a bank of 1300 or 1800 numbers. These can be used to track the activity and origin of a lead. For example, a potential customer visiting your website will be supplied with one of these numbers. If they were to call, then Call Tracking will allow you to observe their activity prior to making that call. For example, what keywords brought them to your website (and whether it was from a paid ad or not), the pages on your website they may have been browsing first, or even how long they were browsing.

How does the platform work?

Call Dynamics’ call tracking interface allows you to record calls, giving you data on its duration, or whether it was answered or misses. You can also trace where these calls have come from, and the keywords and pay-per-clicks responsible for driving traffic to your business. The platform also allows you to change the number that call will be sent to.

How can Call Tracking benefit my business’ bottom line?
Return on Investment is obviously your most important consideration when it comes to how much you spend on marketing. With the tools provided by Call Dynamics, you can pinpoint the sort of work your advertisements are doing, and whether you’re spending too much or too little on keeping those advertisements active.

Would you like to know more?

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By Darren Uch at Call Dynamics