Wishing to improve your lead conversion? Dreading missed phone calls? Finding yourself unable to generate the leads you want? With Call Dynamics’ user-friendly set of tools, you boost revenue and radically improve your online marketing campaign! 

 1. Track your phone leads

Set up your business with a bank of mobile, landline or 1300 numbers for insertion in online and offline advertising. Call Dynamics allows you to use specific numbers for specific campaigns or ads.

2. Pinpoint how you can best improve your marketing campaign

Call Dynamics provides access to several tools and platforms. With easy to use interfaces that provide vital data and metrics, you can enhance your advertising campaigns.

3. Determine whether your pay-per-clicks are paying off

Integration with pay-per-click systems allows you to see the conversion rate of a specific PPC ad. You can now determine whether you are were using the correct keywords, and what improvements need to be made.

4. Pick out which keywords and Google Adwords are netting the most traffic

Optimise your Return on Investment, and know with certainty which Google Adwords and leads are netting your business the most attention. Discover how and where you might be getting the most volume.

5. A user-friendly portal to ease the whole process

Call Dynamics’ Integrated Web Analytics gives you a straightforward and user-friendly interface to keep things in order. Pin down the patterns of customer behaviour, with metrics to analyse leads, traffic and sales.

By Darren Uch at Call Dynamics