It’s one thing for us to talk up the benefits of Call Dynamics, but what really makes it a success is its usefulness to customers.

We recently spoke to Matthew Cox, IT Manager @ Travel Counsellors. He shared with us his experiences with the Call Dynamics platform, and the difference it’s made for his business.

What’s been the benefit for your customers, and the benefits for you?

Speaking with him, we were able to understand how exactly Call Dynamics were able to assist his business. And owing to the platform and the features available, he was able to report massive improvements in they marketed their material.

How has call tracking benefited your campaign?

With their advertising occurring through multiple campaigns, he was able to track how his marketing was doing, enjoying significant success in the process.

To him, however, the biggest draw for him was the greater level of control – something he was able to now do “instead of relying on telecommunications providers like Telstra.”

But what seemed to resonate with customers the most was the level of personal engagement they experienced.

“I think that’s quite unique as a business.”

Matthew was very happy with the friendliness of the service, and the availability of Tim and his team – being “always around the corner” to attend to his every request.

He was pleased with their openness to new ideas, but also their willingness to help put his own ideas into practice.

“I just think its quite personal.”

Last of all, Matthew was clearly impressed by the level of passion displayed by Call Dynamics in their work. He believed that Tim “obviously loves what he does”, and it was something that shone through in his work.

Would you recommend other businesses use call tracking?

But in the end, what does he really think? Would he recommend it to other businesses? To that question, we received a resounding “Yes – one hundred percent yes.”

If effective implementation of Call Tracking and close engagement with a friendly and passionate team sounds good to you, then give us a call!


By Darren Uch at Call Dynamics