You might already have a vague understanding of what Call Tracking is, and how it might even benefit you. But what you might not understand is how simple it really is, and how quickly your business will benefit from it!

Learn how you can get the most out of your advertising campaign:

1. Call Tracking allows you to see for yourself where your leads are coming from.

Pin down the source of a lead – whether it came from a print ad, an organic search, or a paid online ad.

2. Confidence that your advertising work is doing what it should.

It can be hard to know if those resources going towards improving your visibility are delivering. But access to conversion rates and the effectiveness of Adwords will help you eliminate that doubt.

3. Ensure that your leads are converting.

With Call Tracking, you can follow the progress of a lead, and where these leads originated. Determine that you’re getting your return on investment – or whether you’re keeping customers away.

4. Trace the progress of your leads from all angles.

You can trace caller numbers, the location of calls, as well as traffic from Google Adwords. Banks of tracking numbers give you to opportunity to see things through – from beginning to end.

5. A platform to see how well your marketing is doing.

Call Dynamics’ simple interface provides the tools for collecting valuable data, allowing you to assess the strengths or weaknesses of your leads.

Not sure about call tracking?  Talk to us to see how you can benefit!

By Darren Uch at Call Dynamics