Build on your competitive advantage with these ground-breaking new tools by Call Dynamics.

 ‘First Touch’ source attribution recording

Call Dynamics has again set the benchmark for call tracking technologies by introducing ‘First Touch’ source attribution tracking.

‘First Touch’ source attribution finally solves the mystery of untracked calls when a visitor (for example) initially comes to your website from a PPC click and doesn’t make a phone call, but returns later from a different source (e.g. direct or organic) and makes a call on their second or subsequent visit.   Traditionally, Call Dynamics would track and log the ‘Current Touch’ for that caller, but now you’ll know exactly how they first found your business.

Call Dynamics ‘First Touch’ attribution tracking results in greater accuracy and a deeper insight in to how your callers are finding your websites.

Tracking Returning Callers

Know when your callers are calling you back, and which marketing source initially connected them with your business.

By tracking returning callers automatically, Call Dynamics puts you more in control of your marketing ROI by not allowing returning callers to artificially inflate source attributions when they return your website and make subsequent phone calls over time.  We’ll still track a returning caller even if they didn’t return to your website when the call was made.

Monitor Your Website Tracking Code

Did your recent website update accidentally remove the Call Dynamics tracking code from your site?  Set up code monitoring and we’ll alert you via email if your code disappears again in the future.

If your Call Dynamics tracking code is accidentally removed from your website, you may lose important metrics and insights.

To assist our customers in ensuring your code is running properly on your website we’ve introduced a daily check which will alert you via email if your code isn’t found on your website.

Scheduled Data Export Tool

Unleash more of your Call Dynamics power by integrating your tracking data with your CRM or internal management and reporting applications.

As part of Call Dynamics’ commitment to providing our customers with easy access to your raw call tracking data, we’re happy to announce the ability for customers to schedule their own batch export CSV file.

Scheduled Data Export is available to all customers today by logging in to Call Dynamics.

Did we mention those 4 features are all available at no extra cost?

We’re always working to build better products that result in better outcomes for our customers. We love happy customers!

Our customers are already benefiting from these new tools as they’ve been made available to all customers – new and existing – at no additional cost.


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Call Dynamics helps organisations of all shapes & sizes track, report, analyse and optimise their marketing expenditure for both online and offline marketing activities.

The data provided by Call Dynamics supports a better-focused approach to marketing spend, and better sales conversion rates.

If you aren’t tracking your marketing efforts with Call Dynamics, you are missing a key ingredient to successful conversions.

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