While we’re all stuck indoors and (hopefully) nice and warm, its a timely reminder not to leave your marketing dollars out in the cold.

Here are three online marketing tips you can implement today to warm up your marketing efforts while we wait for summer to arrive:
1. Use your target customers own language.

Your customers probably aren’t as proficient in your industry as you are. You’re the expert and thats why they’re turning to you to provide a solution.

To get your message across to your customer within the first 30 seconds of their engagement with you, use their language to capture their attention.   Be careful when using abbreviations and complex technical names to describe your product, and think carefully about the pain points your solution will solve for the customer.

2. Know the keywords that ‘ready to buy’ customers search for when they’re ready to make a commitment

Using techniques such as Call Dynamics session based call tracking, you can measure which keywords influenced your phone call sales, and which do not. By analysing the keywords that directly result in sales, you’ll have the data to make effective decisions on which keywords you should be investing in.

Call Dynamics call recording can also be used to monitor how well your phone driven sales enquiries are being managed by your staff, and you’ll soon know if any coaching is required to assist your staff in closing hot leads.

3. Write a strong Call to Action

You’ve worked hard to get the attention of your target audience, and now you need to ensure there’s a clear lead conversion path via a strong Call to Action.  Remember that consumers are intelligent and savvy, so your Call to Action must represent honest value, integrity and pinpoint how engaging with your company will solve a paint point or provide them a direct advantage.

See how Call Tracking can improve your marketing ROI and increase sales conversions today.   Get a free trial and start tracking your calls today.

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