We could keep pointing out the benefits and relevance of Call Dynamics to businesses, but it’s always better to let the results speak for themselves. Let’s check out one client that’s had a great experience at using the service.

An inbound marketing strategy boost

The folks over at CLCK Digital, an inbound and content-marketing agency based in Melbourne, recently posted about their experience using Call Dynamics’ call-tracking service to grow phone-call leads. They talked about the service being easy on the budget, easy to set up, and easy to configure thanks to the dashboard that lets administrators do most of the configuration through the user interface, removing the need for hand-coding configurations on your website site.

At the close of the post, the conclusion was that the service is a “must-have” for businesses despite the relatively small investment needed to roll out the service. Check out CLCK Digital’s post to see the story in full.

A one-stop call-tracking solution

Thanks to a platform that was built from the ground up in order to cater to the call-tracking and analytics requirements of today’s marketing think tanks, Call Dynamics is able to provide a service that tracks calls not only for online but also for offline campaigns..


At Call Dynamics, it’s all about making call tracking and analytics easy. Contact us or explore the web site to find out more about the services we offer.