Does your client know you are simply awesome?

How do you prove that the uplift in calls to your clients business is a direct result of your hard work?
If you can’t show your client, you are losing an opportunity to increase client retention and perceived value.

What’s worse, you’re missing an important dimension on which search keywords, marketing sources and specific campaigns are generating phone leads, and which are not.

Without Call Dynamics call tracking, you’re probably driving more leads to your clients business than you can demonstrate.

Tracking your calls with Call Dynamics provides data thats critical to getting the best out of your customers’ marketing campaigns, and giving you recognition for the phone enquiries that result from your work.

Data to support better campaign optimisation.

When you run campaigns for your clients, their phones start ringing.
It’s often left up to your clients staff to record and track which campaign sources (eg PPC, Organic, Remarketing etc.) generated the phone enquiry, and they won’t know exactly which campaign or keywords got the caller on the phone.

With Call Dynamics call tracking, you have a deeper visibility of which campaigns, down to the keyword level for some, are driving phone enquiries to your clients business. Even offline campaigns can be tracked.

You can use these deep insights to better optimise your campaigns, giving you a competitive edge and better results for your client, which in turn increases your client retention and satisfaction.

Help your client better manage inbound phone leads.

Does your client know how their staff are handling inbound phone leads?
It’s one thing to drive leads to a clients business, but these leads cost money and its important that they are handled efficiently.

You can show them with Call Dynamics.

Whether its call notifications by email or call recording and rating, you can help your client ensure their staff have the tools and training required to make the most of the phone leads they receive.

An edge over your competitors.

Use Call Dynamics to demonstrate additional value.
If you use Call Dynamics to demonstrate additional value in phone leads, refine and optimise your campaigns and keywords for better efficiency while helping increase the efficiency of how inbound phone leads are handled, you have a significant edge over your competition.

Using Call Dynamics call tracking as an agency reseller or affiliate is a simple and effective way to add an additional revenue stream to your business and an excellent compliment to your existing offering.


See what you are missing. Try it for yourself.

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