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Learn which keywords and traffic sources drive phone calls to your business… so you can say goodbye to expensive marketing waste.

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Call Tracking for Businesses

Accurately track and measure phone calls coming into your business you KNOW are making you sales, but are unsure where from… so you can eliminate costly guesswork.

Call Tracking for Agencies

Identify precisely where your clients phone based leads are coming from by tracking marketing sources and ROI… so you can retain more clients and grow your agency.

A Call Tracking Solution That Tracks Your Marketing Dollars With Crystal Clarity.

Call Dynamics allows you to track the sources of your telephone calls with laser focus. You have the choice of going as light, or as deep as you want into traffic sources and keywords… so you can understand what’s working and what isn’t.

With Call Dynamics, you’ll stop spending money on marketing that isn’t working — and learn valuable insights about your customers.

Call tracking built for marketers, by marketers.

The Call Dynamics Platform has been built from the ground up for marketers, by marketers. We provide you quick and easy access to valuable call analytics data, along with exceptional local support when needed.

Our platform allows you to understand, optimise and improve your marketing strategy, so you can easilymake sound decisions based on scientific data. Rather than blindly guessing where to spend your money, let the numbers tell the story.

What Will You Get With
Call Dynamics’ Tracking Solution?

Real-time Call Reporting

Get instant access to data with real-time call logging. Your reports include keywords, the marketing source, and a call recording.

Call Surveys

With an end-of-call feedback survey set up at the end of each call, you’ll be able to identify which of your keywords are attracting hot, warm or cool leads.

Powerful A/B Split Testing

Create insightful A/B split tests that provide you with valuable marketing data. Got a hunch or marketing idea? Test it out.

1300, 1800 & Local Numbers

A 1300 number gives your business a national and professional image, while a Local number provides greater local targeting.

Call Recording

At the end of each call, a link is available to play back or download the recording. It can be used to train your staff and refine your sales scripts.

Live Integration With Google

We push your data live into Google Analytics & Google Adwords, so you can see the REAL conversion details of the call.

Our Goal Is To Deliver You A Visually Stunning, Easy To Use And Highly Effective Call Tracking Solution With Outstanding Service & Support… So You Can Say Goodbye To Expensive Marketing Waste

Accurate Call Tracking & Analytics Made Incredibly Easy!

The Call Dynamics platform allows you to accurately track, measure and record your customer’s engagement with your marketing, both online and offline. The process works as follows:

Step One

Copy and paste a small section of code to your website phone number. This is your unique tracking code that makes the whole process possible.

Step Two

Your customer finds your site either through a search engine, or an advertisement on social media or a blog, and then decides to call you.

Step Three

Call Dynamics software automatically tracks where the enquiry came from and records the data in your dashboard.

Step Four

You can then analyse the results and confidently distribute your advertising budget to the right channels… based from scientific data.

What Others Are Saying About Call Dynamics

anthony-lamAnthony Lam
Managing Director, Punchy Digital Media
“These guys understood my business needs immediately, and now I have a solution that helps me secure more sales and miss fewer sales calls. They make it so easy, it just makes sense. Everyone should be using this!”
Matt Fitton
Co-Founder and CEO, Nurse Next Door Australia
“The team at Call Dynamics have been fantastic in helping us set up our 1300 numbers, providing advice and set up for routing of numbers back to Head Office Call centre in Vancouver and providing us with an interim solution for handling calls in house during the call centre set up. Great advice and excellent customer service. ”

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