Call Tracking Made Easy!

It's so simple

  • Apply Tracking Code

    Apply Tracking Code

    Simply apply a small section of code to your website phone number.

  • Customer Interacts

    Customer Interacts

    Your customer finds your site through a link search and makes call.

  • Track the source

    Track the source

    Call Dynamics software tracks the origin of the enquiry and records data.

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

John Wanamaker

With Call Dynamics you will know exactly what works for you!

How it Works

Call Dynamics allows you to track your marketing ROI on an individual source, or down to specific keywords, go as light, or as deep as you want in your tracking.

Our solution allows you to track and record valuable and accurate insights to your customers engagement with your website.

For example when a customer:

  • Calls by clicking the number on your website

  • Clicks a Google Adword ad

  • Is sent from a link on Facebook and other social media platforms

  • Or from an editorial blog from another website.

Call Dynamics can even track calls from offline sources such as the Yellow Pages, newspaper adverts and direct mail campaigns.

Call Dynamics can tell you the page on your site that your visitor called from and when, and if provided by Google, what the search terms they used to find your site.
Track your Users From Anywhere!

Track Marketing Performance
Online and Offline.

Call Dynamics lets you track and measure the phone calls coming into your business that you KNOW are making you sales… but are just not quite sure where from.

We eliminate the age old advertising dilemma of not knowing where your dollars are working hard for you. With Call Dynamics, you’ll know with your calls tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Track Split Test Results

    Track Split Test Results

    Support for A/B split testing, now you can also track the effect if your split tests on phone calls. If you are primarily a phone driven business imagine now being able to know exactly which test variation generated the phone call.

  • Intelligent Technology Integration

    Intelligent Technology Integration

    You can completely manage your own numbers, end routing destinations, pools or groups that your numbers belong to. No need to wait days just to change a route point - change it in real-time.

  • Live Integration

    Live Integration

    Live integration into Google Analytics & Google Adwords. No nasty delay in data being pushed to google services, which results in a delay and nasty data accuracy. Instead we push your data Into these services live so that you see the REAL conversion details of the call.

  • Track Split Test Results

    Simple Copy & Paste Installation

    click, copy, paste….. DONE!

Connect in Minutes Not Days

Connect in Minutes
Not Days

With our Dynamic Phone Implementation System (DPIS) we can have you connected within minutes rather than days.

This means you can have faster implementation, scalability in your campaigns, and the security of relying on a system that looks after your call tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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About Us

Our platform and technology has been built for call tracking from the ground up!

Our network and telecommunications switches are located in Australia with 100% UPS coverage, backup generators, alternate data and internet links to ensure that our equipment powering your services are located in the best possible facilities.

We use only direct connections to multiple upstream voice carriers, combined with deep inspection voice quality monitoring to ensure the highest voice quality is maintained at all times. We do not use over-the-internet or peering network VoIP connections.

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